Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (2015)

I have taken a couple of days off to focus solely on my book project After the Static. Of course, as I am writing, I love to have some horror on in the background to help me stay focused. One of the movies that aided my cause is the 2015 entry Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead.

Plot/ Set in the WWII it tells the story of a bunch of American soldiers fighting against a horde of zombies created by the Nazis using the prisoners of the camps.

First off, I can’t say that I ever heard of Zombie Massacre and had no idea that there could be a sequel. After seeing this one at Family Video, I was interested in the story even though I figured that it would be littered with the same clich├ęd moments as most in the arena and I was right. While I did not find it the worst zombie flick I have watched, I really think that this one had a chance to be more than it was. Between the head scratching decisions, the flat characters, and the story that was rather incoherent, there was nothing really memorable. This one was really inconsistent in every aspect (even for a low budgeted film) including the effects and cinematography. In the end, while I was excited to venture back into the zombie genre as I am working on my first zombie-themed novel, this may not have been my best choice. Stay away, I am sure there are much better options out there.

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