Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Truth or Dare (2013)

After taking some time off to work on my book project, it was time to get back at it with a review of a film I grabbed at Family Video. This is a no-budget entry from earlier in the decade: 2013s Truth or Dare.

Plot/ Six college kids find Internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules.

I know that this one is going to be extremely polarizing because it lacks many of the elements that have saturated the horror genre over the past few years. However, this one has everything a viewer would want if the enjoy micro-budgeted gorefests. For me, I love low budget horror and watching what can happen when people who love the genre are involved. The effects are bloody and at times over the top, the idea is interesting, and there are enough psychological aspects inside to draw you in. Of course, some of the performances are uneven and there are some pacing issues, but those aspects are expected when one considers the small budget. In the end, this was a fun movie to watch and kept me entertained on a snowy night. If you love no-budget horror, give this one a shot.

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