Havenhurst (2016)

Last night was another quiet horror movie night as I attempted to relax and do some work on my After the Static project. In doing so, I decided on another lowered budgeted film for entertainment: that movie is the 2016 serial killer themed Havenhurst.

Plot/ A troubled young woman takes up residence in an old apartment building where she must confront a terrifying evil.

I knew nothing about the movie when I picked it up at Family Video last night, but when I put it on, it served its purpose. While it is not a perfect movie, it definitely falls in line with many of the small budget flicks that exist out there today. With some decent performances, an interesting premise, and some actual gore, it had just enough to keep my interest (especially the H.H. Holmes connection). However, the decision-making shown by the characters, the pacing, and many of the small details sprinkled in were a tad too much for my liking. In the end, this one is far from terrible; but it never truly reaches the untapped potential that it has in the premise.  Not for everyone, but you could definitely do much worse.


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