American Beast (2014)

After spending a good bit of my day away from my computer, I decided to kick back and watch, what I had hoped would be an entertaining creature feature. Unfortunately, that was not the case with 2014s American Beast (AKA Solitude)

Plot/ After finding an old storage locker filled with his family's history, James Erikson begins a journey to discover the truth behind a mysterious piece of land in the small town of Solitude.

Sometimes you are surprised by movies and other times you cringe as ask yourself why. That was the case with this one, as I spent more time asking myself why I had not turned it off. As a fan of low budget cinema, I can often look past the traditional flaws and try to find the positives. In this case, everything seemed to be discordant and there was nothing new or original to make it worthwhile. The sound quality was miserable at best, the scripting was flat and predictable, the performances were uneven and cardboard and the entire film seemed to just drag on making the 89 minute run time feel like an eternity. Seriously, there is really nothing with this one that makes it worth watching. I honestly wish I had given up in the first fifteen or so minutes. Stay away.


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