The Monster (2016)

As I continue to make my way through the last few movies that I have watched, I am excited that I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel. Next up for review is the 2016 indie flick, The Monster.  

Plot/ A mother and daughter must confront a terrifying monster when they break down on a deserted road.

I have to admit that this movie is much better that I anticipated when I picked it up at Family Video. While it does have a somewhat straightforward storyline, there are many things that make it better than one would think. The performances are solid, the atmosphere and tension have a nice feel, and the cinematography is outstanding. On top of all those positives, the practical effects make it a fun watch; again proving that practical effects are much better than CGI. Unfortunately, the scripting/dialog are both uneven, and because of the overused basic premise, some aspects are predictable, however, those can be overlooked. In the end, while this movie does have its warts, it is rather entertaining, and a movie that could definitely help you pass a few hours on a dark dreary night. Give it a shot.


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