The Lighthouse Keeper (2016)

After taking last night away from the blog to nap before driving to North Carolina for the Easter holiday, I figured I would focus tonight’s entry on the last film I watched during the week. That movie is the 2016 Edgar Allan Poe-inspired The Lighthouse Keeper.

Plot/ Marooned on a remote peninsula and haunted by frightening specters, a young man must confront the grotesque denizens of the night, or follow the Lighthouse Keeper's cryptic warning to, always keep a light burning!

There are times when I want to relax and watch the classic horror tales of the past. Filmmaking was so different in the past eras, with the atmosphere and storylines taking center stage instead of the forced effects and gore. That is exactly what I found with this one. Loosely based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, this one harkens back to a different time in cinema. While it is not perfect, the storyline is interesting, there are some atmospheric moments, and the direction/cinematography was solid. Yes, some of the performances were flat and uneven, and the ending felt a touch abrupt and forced, but those flaws are minor and do not bring down the film. In the end, if you are a fan of Poe or enjoy movies that make you think instead of relying on effects and gore for entertainment values, this one is for you. Check it out!


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