Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf (1972)

As I was preparing to watch the Steelers game today (which we won), I decided to continue with my Pure Terror Collection. It is funny, with tomorrow being Halloween (and my retirement ceremony), I could not decide on a flick at first. Eventually, I decided on the Paul Naschy entry Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf from 1972.

Plot/ A man tortured by the curse of the werewolf goes to London with a female companion in search of a doctor with a possible cure. The doctor turns out to be the grandson of the famous Dr. Jekyll and the two men begin researching a possible treatment involving the Mr. Hyde serum. When the lycanthropic man is injected with the serum, it causes a strange transformation in him that risks the safety of strangers and loved ones.

I love Paul Naschy movies. Sure, they aren’t the highest quality, but they are usually pretty interesting.  This one, the sixth time he dawned the werewolf costume, falls definitely falls into that interesting category (as he plays Mr. Hyde as well). There are some very good moments and the story does present a challenging endeavor by taking on two legendary horror figures in a modern setting (nothing like w werewolf showing up at a disco). All is not perfect though as the acting is uneven, the editing in this version is choppy and there just seems like something is missing. In the end, this was entertaining, but I feel that watching an unedited version may be better. Unfortunately, I did not have that version. If I could find it, I would definitely watch it. This version, not so much!


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