Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Undermining of America - HAARP and the New World Order (Part 3 - 2012)

Just like what was found during the breakdown of 2011, there was a groundswell of activity found to this point in 2012. Not surprisingly, along with that increase in natural disaster phenomena, there is also a rise in the use of Executive Orders that potentially infringe upon American Constitutional Rights.
Moving forward from the updated NDAA Bill to close 2011, there is one other detailed executive order signed on a date filled with natural disasters prior to our most recent events. On that day, March 16, 2012, Executive Order 13603 - National Defense Resources Preparedness was signed, an order that authorizes the seizure of materials in case of a national disaster, or yes, during times of Martial Law. What disasters took place that day? There was a Tornado in Dexter, Michigan and a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Leyte, Philippines. 
Which bring us to the more recent activities, starting with October and Hurricane Sandy. If this theory is happenstance, how can nearly all of the same elements from September 9, 2011, be in place as the massive storm made landfall? That is right; we saw the highest HAARP Readings ever recorded in place in the direct path of the storm, the 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Vancouver and saw the Popocatepetl Volcano in Central Mexico increase moderate intensity explosion frequency, which died down as the HAARP signals on the East Coast reduced. 
What makes this one just as interesting is the fact that incredibly, moments before the storm struck, the President signed Executive Order 13629 - Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council.  Sounds innocent right, not so much. This order creates a Homeland Security and Private partnership that in many ways, pushes for the end of American sovereignty and move toward the NWO. Not only is this partnership something unbelievable, putting it in place, just as those services are going to be tested should be something of fiction. Unfortunately, it was not fiction, it was reality, and citizens have needlessly suffered in the aftermath of the storm.
Of course, this was also signed during the period that won this past election for the president, where 41 percent of those who were polled based their vote on the handling of New Jersey and New York during the hurricane. Amazing, absolutely amazing. In some ways, those remarks sparked some thought of an even darker portion of HAARP that I have not mentioned yet, Mind Control. Honestly, we have all seen the ineptitude of the federal and state response to the disaster areas in these and other states, how is it possible to view any of that in a positive manner, especially to the point where you base your presidential vote on the handling of a disaster. Yet, all they see is the President watching over the storm in the White House Situation Room (unlike for Hurricane Irene).  It should be impossible, unless there is an outside force at work. Remember, these were the strongest readings ever recorded, interesting, considering the amount of signal required to control ones thoughts would inherently be higher than manipulating the weather.
Now, some will say, with the election in hand, why would there be a need to follow up Hurricane Sandy with another HAARP controlled storm. That answer is simple, to silence calls of voter fraud, the cries of those still suffering in the aftermath of Sandy where Martial Law has been set in some areas, and of course, Gun Control. Let us revisit that date, November 7, there are high HAARP readings recorded centered over those areas in the path of the storm, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake recorded off the coast of Vancouver and a 7.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Guatemala in Central America. Again, this seems like a strange coincidence. 
Question, did anyone notice that the day after the election, the United States reentered talks with the United Nations to start a policy controlling arms manufacturing and trade. For many, this is the first step of infringing in Second Amendment Rights. Did they notice that that this was the same day that talks of the Iranian drone attack or the CIA Director resignation were released to the public as well? No, probably not, as many were still applauding the election and commenting on the great job being done in the disaster areas, even as people were freezing to death – Mind Control again.
Let me start this final paragraph stating that I do not believe that these events are limited only to this administration, and that previous administrations most likely have accomplished these actions and more. As I stated in one of my earlier HAARP pieces, the United Nations banned Weather Manipulation in War during the 1970s, meaning it has been possible for some time, with origins traced all the way back to before Tesla. With that in mind, I will keep working to solve this mystery, even though; this article paints an almost unmistakable picture. Sure, this information may sound a bit speculative, and it may be, but honestly, can this all be just coincidence? I would think that would be virtually impossible and if not impossible, at least implausible.

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