POE: Project of Evil (2012)

With the NFL Draft finally in the books, I can finally take off my Steelers 101 hat and take a break. While I still have some work to do with a total recap and undrafted rookie profiles, it will be nowhere near the intensity of the past three nights. With some extra time on my hands, I decided to venture into the mind of Poe for my next review. My selection for the evening was Brain Damage Films, POE: Project of Evil (AKA P.O.E. 2) from 2012.

Plot/ In this twisted horror anthology, eight talented Italian directors present their takes on the disturbing tales of Edgar Allan Poe, each in a very personal and modern way. Prepare to experience the terror of POE like never before!

Before I get deep into my review let me start by saying if you are a Poe purest you should stay away from this film. If, like me, you enjoy strange anthologies and love the master of macabre, than you may enjoy this one. Clearly art house cinema, this Italian entry has a lot to like, as it uses the classic Poe tales as a backdrop for surreal journey’s into the macabre. The acting is solid, the cinematography top notch, effects really work. Unfortunately, for many this is not the straightforward horror flick they will expect and much of the incoherent and bizarre interpretations will go over their heads. This one is clearly not for everyone as the combination of violence and nudity sit outside the typical world of Poe. However, in the end, I totally enjoyed it. This was one of the more original films I have seen in some time and one of the more intriguing art house cinema pieces that has made their way onto video store shelves. If you enjoy strangeness and can watch it with an open mind, check it out; it is worth it.


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