Thursday, October 7, 2010

Astro Zombies (1968)

After watching the classic, Night of the Living Dead, I figured it was time to do something A LOT less groundbreaking. The perfect movie for that 1968’s Astro Zombies.

Plot / After being fired from the Space Agency, the disgruntled (not to mention crazy) Dr. DeMarco creates an Astroman from a criminal's dead body. However, he loses control of his creation, which goes on a killing spree, attracting the attention of an international spy ring and the CIA.

From the outset, I knew what I was in for with this flick. Yes, much of it was bad, even worse than “B” Movie bad with a morphing storyline, sub par acting and non-existent editing. However, It has to be said that this film is terrific, lousy and laughable at the same time. Somehow, things just work to make it at least a bit entertaining (the unnecessary nude-dancer scene comes to mind). It is what it is, a movie by Ted V. Mikels, is the godfather of schlock! Do I recommend it for everyone, Hell No! But, I definitely recommend it for hardcore fans of cheesy flicks!

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  1. What makes this movie worth watching is the scene near the end when the evil astro zombie gets his power pack knocked off and he has to hold a flashlight to his forehead to survive. Priceless.