Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

Taking a break from decorating or building another prop for Halloween, I stumbled upon what sounded like an interesting film in the 1978 thriller The Eyes of Laura Mars. Written by John Carpenter, this should make for some interesting viewing.

 Plot / Laura Mars is a very successful high-end fashion and advertising photographer. Detective John Neville notes striking similarities between her art photos and those of actual crime scenes. Although suspicious of her, he soon realizes that she hasn't been involved in any of the crimes but can see what is happening through the eyes of the killer. After her friends and some of her models are killed, she joins forces with Neville to identify the killer before she too becomes a victim.

This film is definitely an above average thriller. John Carpenter’s script and storyline craft a pretty good mystery that has a very emotional feel to it. Watching it today, it is a great flashback to the disco era 1970s, complete with the make-up and music that was all the rage in 1978 when it came out. The cinematography is solid and the outstanding array of solid stars do not disappoint with some outstanding performances. Throw in a nice twist at the end and this is a great film for any fans of the mystery, suspense and thrillers.

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  1. Agreed! This movie is very enjoyable, a classic for good reason!