Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Resurrected (1992)

After spending the day at the New Jersey Zombie Walk and Zombie-Con, I needed something quiet to help me unwind. My choice, the 1992 Lovecraft inspired film, The Resurrected.

Plot / Charles Dexter Ward's wife enlists the help of a private detective to find out what her husband is up to in a remote cabin owned by his family for centuries. The husband is a chemical engineer, and the smells from his experiments (and the delivery of what appear to be human remains at all hours) are beginning to arouse the attention of neighbors and local law enforcement officials. When the detective and wife find a diary of the husband's ancestor from 1771, and reports of gruesome murders in the area begin to surface, they begin to suspect that some very unnatural experiments are being conducted in the old house. Based on an H.P. Lovecraft story.

Like Edgar Allan Poe, revisiting tales by Lovecraft are often difficult, however, this one sort of works. While not chalked full of suspense, there is nice mix of mystery and intrigue. With a combination of storytelling, pacing, decent effects and a tasty amount of blood and gore, this film is actually one of the better entries from the 1990s. While the acting is a bit stiff at times, the atmosphere and the story more than make up for that. True this is not a great film, it is definitely worth watching if you get the chance!

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