Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shock Waves (1977)

 After spending last night with George Romero and Dario Argento, I decided to come back tonight and share the evening with John Carradine and Peter Cushing, with the 1977 Nazi Zombie entry Shock Waves!

Plot / A shipwrecked yachting party gets the surprise of their lives. Rose and her fellow yacht-mates, including the captain run aground on an island when they hit an odd-looking freighter. Once beached, they meet up with an aging SS Commander who had been in charge of a crew of zombies.

This interesting film takes two great elements of the 1970s horror genre and runs with it in a unique combination. Really, you cannot get much better than creatures in the water and undead zombies (not to mention Peter Cushing). While the flick lacks gore and nudity (actually carrying a PG rating), there are moments where the creepy atmosphere created by the visualization and soundtrack more than make up for that, especially the underwater zombie scenes. The editing, pacing, acting and some of the storyline is a bit uneven, but somehow it still comes together to create an attractive film all these years later. In all, it is creepy entry from the 1970s and one that was definitely worth the 90 minutes I spent watching it with my daughters this evening.

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  1. I thought this one was surprisingly good, as well....
    Great review!