Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Skeptic (2009)

After watching the 1980s After Midnight, I decided to come more modern with the second movie of the evening with The Skeptic from 2009.  This paranormal themed flick seems just the ticket on this chilly October evening.

Plot / After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed skeptic lawyer, Bryan Becket, dismisses reports that his Aunt's house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin, he cannot explain. Beyond the occurrences, there is something about the house that gnaws at Becket - some strange connection he senses he has with the house's past. Soon, the haunting turns personal, he hears voices suggesting clues to a deep mystery. He questions his sanity, seeks medical help, but instead finds assistance in a young psychic who immediately declares, "There's a very bad secret in this house." Together they embark on a terrifying journey to uncover the secret - a journey that leads them deep into the recesses of The Skeptic's own troubled mind.

I really liked this movie. As a paranormal enthusiast, this is exactly the way I would like to see movies about hauntings, focusing more on fear, creepiness and atmosphere than over-the-top effects. The storytelling and characterization is sound and the cinematography is done really well. Unfortunately, the ending seems a bit forced and abrupt, almost like the budget ran out and everything was shut down. Still, that does not take away from what took place over the 90 minutes before that. If you like believable eeriness, you will definitely like this movie (sans the ending). With Halloween around the corner, check this out!

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