Friday, August 12, 2011

StrangeLand (1998)

As I continue to pack I decided to take a moment and enjoy some horror entertainment. My selection was 1998s StrangeLand. Captain Howdy anyone?

Plot/ A schizophrenic sadist by the name of Captain Howdy lures teens through the internet into his painful traps. A detective starts pursuing him after he captures his daughter. Eventually they catch up with him and send him to a mental hospital. But upon his release, the townspeople don't accept the new, peaceful former Captain Howdy, and attack him. Howdy goes nuts again and in revenge starts everything all over, only worse.

Wow, talk about a conundrum. It has been a long time since a movie truly took me into the love/hate arena, but this one did. Honestly, there was a lot about this movie that was enjoyable. Dee Snyder’s character was awesome, some of the torture scenes are great, and the plot / storyline is decently realistic. I mean, watching Robert Englund play Freddy’s nemesis was a perfect choice. However, there was some of this that was just bad. The character development terrible, the cliché’s overdone and the overall pace was way off.  In the end, it was enjoyable and I would recommend watching it at least once (especially if you have daughters as it is a great example of what could happen in a chat room).

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