Death and Cremation (2010)

I wanted to keep watching flicks that centered on serial killers or something from the slasher genre. Of course, there are many choices out there, especially when hitting our local Family Video Store. What did we find this time?  The 2010 romp, Death and Cremation.

Plot/ In a typical American suburb filled with middle class morals, a lonely 59-year-old, Stan, contributes to society by offering cremation services from his basement. In fact, Stan murders neighbors he perceives to be social bullies. Jarod, a fatherless 17-year-old high school outcast, lands an after-school job in Stan's cremation house and the two develop an unusual working relationship that quickly evolves into a partnership. As detective Matt Fairchild puts together clues from local disappearances, Stan must decide if protecting his newfound trainee is worth killing for.

This was an interesting little flick. Then again, usually anything with Brad Dourif can be at least a little creepy. The acting was decent, the storyline (while a bit light) was creative, and some of it was truly believable. Yes, there was no characterization, the script was a bit flawed and the direction could have been tighter. In the end, this one is far from perfect, but it was somewhat entertaining. Sure, it has some slow moments, but it is still worth watching.


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  2. Looks creepy! But It looks interesting just because its about cremation.


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