Friday, August 10, 2012

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

As I was talking to my class this week, the guys told me that I would love Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies from The Asylum. While I love low budget B-grade movies, sometimes it is just too much. After some debate, I decided to take the classes advice and check it out.

Plot/ As Abraham Lincoln labors over the Gettysburg address, the importance of which he is fully aware, he learns that a menace from his past has returned, threatening to tear the already fractured nation to pieces. He must journey behind enemy lines to face an foe far more fearsome than the Confederate army: the walking dead.

Movies from The Asylum usually crack me up. Now, I wm not saying they are great, or even goof for that matter, but there is something so unbelievable that makes me crack up. This one is no different, as the ludicrous nature starts right off the bat. Ironically, the story in this one, while totally unbelievable, works and is decently interesting. Far from horror and more comic than usual, this may be one of the most complete flicks from The Asylum, with decent acting, solid production values and some decent effects (although the zombies and beards were a bit off from the make up department). Of course, it was far from a perfect flick, as some of it was just too far out there with some of the strangest zombies (almost painted sleepwalkers) I have seen. In the end, this was definitely one of the more entertaining flicks from The Asylum, and one worth watching.

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  1. Asylum seems to be getting better budgets lately... ANyways, this can't be as bad as "I Am Omega"... so it will definitely be worth at least a try from me. Cheers!