Monday, August 6, 2012

Machete Joe (2010)

After watching Shackled, an interesting supernatural thriller, I was in the mood for something more straightforward. Unfortunately, there are times where I get sucked into a title, when my head tells me to stay away, and this is one of those occasions. My unfortunate selection at Family Video was the 2010 slasher Machete Joe.

Plot/ A group of out-of-work actors decide to take their careers into their own hands by shooting a low-budget horror film, about an urban myth. With only 15 days to shoot their unfinished script, at a remote castle in the desert, getting through the first night becomes a nightmare. As their egos begin to surface so do the dead bodies.

I am usually all for B grade indie horror, but sometimes I have to draw the line with my thoughts and the amount of leeway that I give. This is definitely one of those flicks that I cannot look past the low budget to find something redeeming. Honestly, the storyline is subpar and cliché, the acting is poor and there is no gore or special effects to offset those flaws. This is truly a bad film, and one I did not enjoy at all. If you still want to watch, be warned, you would be better off staying away from it.

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