Sunday, August 26, 2012

Metamorphosis (2007)

After delving into the world of demonic possession, I figured it was time to dive into an area that I have neglected lately, vampires. Of course, I am a true member of a vampire club that definitely feels that vampires should never sparkle; something I believe is being lost on society today. I hope that someone will come up with something that could destroy those sparklers forever. Oh well, my selection was not quite what I expected, 2007s Metamorphosis.
Plot/ A writer is writing a book about Countess Elizabeth Bathory and traveling through Hungary with his friends researching her life. While trying to find the monastery, he meets the gorgeous and seductive Elizabeth, who guides the trio to the something much darker.
This was not the best vampire flick, but it also was not the worst. Actually, the idea is interesting and had a lot of potential that was left out. The acting was uneven, with Christopher Lambert holding his own within the confines of a so-so script that lacked characterization. The cinematography was decent, but the lack of blood and action bring it down. In the end, this one is not the greatest, but it did help pass some time. I would not pay to see it, but if you catch it free onDemand as I did, it could serve the same purpose for you.

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