Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spiderhole (2010)

After taking a look at a historical figure (well, sort of), it was time to find something a bit different to help me pass some time. While nothing truly jumped out at me, or told me to watch, I finally decided on a independent flick from IFC films,  2010s Spiderhole.
Plot/ They say squatting is dead - a term that takes on a sinister double meaning when four homeless art students decide to take up residence in an abandoned London House where a hidden terror lurks.
What started in its very early stages as a promising selection, quickly spiraled into a cliché driven rip off. Yes, there was a touch of blood and some decent acting from a rather unknown cast, and there were some very good cinematographic moments, but even that could not save this once the cliché started to flow. What this one lacked was atmosphere, originality and a script that could take it where it needed to go (not to mention an ending that left a lot to be desired). In the end, it was not the worst movie out there, but it offered very little to the viewer and was rather predictable.

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