Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shackled (2010)

After taking some more time to get creative and complete my items for the Westmoreland County Fair, I decided enough was enough and ran to the video store. While there, it was actually hard for me to find something that jumped out. In the end, I decided on  Shackled from 2010.

Plot/ After Brian McDonald is found murdered on a beach, his sister, Sarah and his childhood friend Michael try to unravel the devastating mysteries surrounding his last few weeks alive, finding a side to her brother that they never expected.

Sometimes you pick up a movie, and just expect there to be flaws, especially ones that lack a huge budget.  While this was a low budget, experimental flick, there was really a lot to like. Yes, it lacked some of the cinematography flair and effects of larger budgeted movies, but for something filmed in 11 days it was on target. This was an effective thriller, with decent acting, solid pacing and an interesting storyline. More importantly, it had a very realistic feel throughout which moved along with the characters.  In the end, it was not perfect, but it was enjoyable. And while I may not run out and buy it, I would recommend fans of low budget thrillers to check it out.

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