Friday, August 24, 2012

Hell's Gate 11:11 (2004)

After taking some time off from movies, I had a chance to get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, as has seemed to be the trend lately, my selection was a bit off. My choice, Hell’s Gate 11:11.
Plot/ Eighteen years after the murder of her parents, Sara Tobias searches for the meaning of the numbers '11:11' that was scratched in blood beside her mother's body. Following three sudden murders, supernatural events are unleashed, as she gets closer to the truth.
I was hoping to find something interesting when I chose this flick. Unfortunately, this was not it. This one really did not hit the spot. Ironically, it actually had a decent storyline and potential that was just not backed up by any quality. The acting was only so-so, the feel and dialogue was disjointed and a lot of it made little to no sense. On top of that, there was no atmosphere at all. In the end, I could have skipped this one and had a better time. It really is not worth watching.

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