Sunday, September 2, 2012

Documenting the Grey Man (2011)

As someone that has spent time investigating mysteries of the cryptozoological and paranormal worlds, it is extremely disappointing to see low budget rip offs attempting to capitalize on the works of many serious investigators. In fact, these mockumentaries, are ridiculous. Now that I am counting down the days until my weekend Bigfoot expedition, I decided to go for something on the paranormal side with Documenting the Grey Man, maybe I should have went a different direction.
Plot/ A ghost hunting expedition goes horribly wrong when the team finds out that an old ghost story is more than legend.
When looking at movies about the paranormal, I am always a bit skeptical when thinking about the amount of direct to DVD ghost hunting / hand cam flicks that have been released. Even though it is hard to fault no-budget indie flicks for their flaws, sometimes there is nothing you can do. In this case, I definitely should have passed on by (especially considering the cover art that looked eerily familiar). While the legend seemed interesting enough in the store, the flick did little to make it anything more. In fact, hearing about it on the screen almost transformed it to something laughable.  Honestly, paranormal shows on SyFy are more believable and scary than this one. The pacing was off, acting poor, and it was roughly 65 minutes long, yep, an episode of Haunted Collector would have been a lot more fulfilling. In the end, there is not much more I can say. Stay Away!

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