Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot (1997)

Last night, I took a break from everything as I headed out for a Friday high school football game, and to see my oldest daughter rock out on her trumpet with the band. Unfortunately, the hometown football team lost, but her band did rock out. Now, being back out in the mode, I decided to jump back into a Bigfoot Documentary with the 1997 Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot from A&E.
Plot/ Ancient Mysteries examines the history and myths surrounding the Pacific Northwest creature known as Bigfoot.
This newer reincarnation of the classic Leonard Nimoy series In Search Of, continued the ideal of taking on a subject by presenting the audio or visual evidence along with a cross-section of interviews. In this case, as with a lot of documentaries, there is quite a bit of rehashed material. In fact, this one did a great job of providing a solid historical look with a modern take and theory.  In the end, it was an entertaining documentary of the subject, but it offered very little in new evidence. Is it worth watching, absolutely, but do not expect a revelation to come out of it.  

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