Monday, September 10, 2012

Fayette County Bigfoot Expedition - Day Two Afternoon and Night Investigation

With our day one of the investigation in the books, members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and enthusiasts spent the second day of the Fayette County Bigfoot Expedition in an area in Forbes State Forest in the southwestern corner of Fayette County.
In all, roughly 20 individuals, hit the trail for the day and night excursions. Unfortunately, while the numbers were larger, the amount of activity dropped significantly from Friday. During the afternoon hike, a possible track was found in an interesting swamp-like area that held all of the signature signs of life with abundant wildlife and a stream. This print was roughly 14 inches long, 6.5 inches wide (four at the heal) and 1.5 inches deep. There were some broken ferns along the trail, but no other noteworthy prints were discovered.
The nighttime investigations were held at multiple locations in the general vicinity of the potential track discovery. Unfortunately, like the afternoon session, the amount of activity was nowhere near as abundant as the Friday portion of the expedition. There were reports of some single wood knocks and a potential call in response to one of the team members at the outset of the evening, but for the majority of the time the land seemed quiet.
One theory for this lack of activity may be attributed to the sudden change in weather patterns from Friday to Saturday, as a cold front shifted into the area after a set of early morning storms. This weather activity dropped the temperature roughly 15 degrees during the day and over 20 in the evening. In all, both areas searched on the investigation had signs of something that cannot be ignored. Was it a Sasquatch, it is hard to tell, but they are definitely areas worth monitoring.

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