Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fayette County Bigfoot Expedition - Day One Night Investigation

With our Friday afternoon investigation in the books, nine more team members joined us for a return trip to this active area between Uniontown and Mount Pleasant. In all we spent six more hours in search of the elusive cryptid. During the night, there were some interesting anomalies that were discovered in the area, that were on par with the events that took place earlier in the afternoon. From our arrival it was evident that this would be an active night, as the first tree knock was audibly returned.
After that incident five teams set up for observations and hade various occurrences alternately take place, including tree knocks and rock throwing, with one rock actually striking a team member. One interesting facet of the rocks that were being thrown was that the ones that were recovered all had the same shape. The other activity was in close proximity, although nothing was discovered on the thermal imagers. At the end on the evening, it was determined that this would be a solid location to revisit in the future. However, with a weather front moving in, it was best to save that for a different time.

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