Saturday, September 1, 2012

By the Devil's Hands: The 666 Killer (2009)

I am all for no-budget indie flicks, and when I find one that comes from a production team I have never heard from, I tend to get excited. Today, I stumbled upon one of those for my evening entertainment. It was 2009s By the Devil’s Hands: The 666 Killer.
Plot/ The 666 Killer kills 6 victims over 6 days, 6 ways to die...and, unfortunately, Jamie Anderson has been chosen as victim #6.
When I saw this at Family Video, I had to grab it. Yes, I knew I was in for another low budget horror flick, and I knew there would be flaws. However, I really did not expect two different movies, with two different production values mashed together. Unfortunately, that is what you have here. Sure, some of it, particularly the murder scenes feature solid cinematography, decent kills, some blood and gore. Honestly, these parts were worth watching. Yet, the other part of the flick centered on the office was the polar opposite, with poor dialogue, so-so acting and lacking production value. In the end, this one had a lot of potential with an interesting premise. It is unfortunate that there are conflicting stories with varying cinematographic values, as the mash up did not work with the low quality office scenes. Honestly, had they stuck with the murders, they would have had a winner.

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