Monday, February 1, 2016

Silent Retreat (2016)

Last night, after finishing my homework, I decided to try to get the disappointment of True Detective Season 2 out of my mind. With one trip to Family Video, I was able to do just that with the 2016 horror flick, Silent Retreat.

Plot/ Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. When one of the members goes missing, they discover that the lodge was formerly a private mental institution that had been shut down after allegations of devious misconduct. One by one, they fall victim to the dark secrets buried at the lodge.

This low budget entry from Midnight Releasing was a lot better than I expected, and was quite impressive for what I am sure was a small budget. The cinematography was spot on, and the movie came across really well. On top of that, the performances were solid, especially for a rather unfamiliar cast, the effects (while minimal) were very good, and the storyline featured some originality and the overall feel of the flick was rather impressive. Yes, the movie has a few head scratching moments, but those are to be expected. In the end, this one was one of the better low budget flicks I have seen in some time, and a movie well worth watching. If you have not seen it, give it a shot!

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