Chupacabra Territory (2016)

I am always a fan of movies that enter into the cryptozoological realm. With my weekend trip to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure nearly here, I decided to start getting into the mood with some movies that carried that theme. The first one for the week was the 2016 entry Chupacabra Territory (AKA Lair of the Beast).

Plot/ A group of friends take a trip to the country in search of the elusive Chupacabra.

Found footage movies are a polarizing topic. Personally, I think that they have run their course and are becoming more of a challenge to watch. That thought was definitely backed up by this film, as much of it was incoherent and difficult to sit through. Between the poor scripting, uneven performances, out of place scenes that were just thrown it, and the poor execution, the movie never became entertaining in any way. This is unfortunate, as there is an interesting story hidden inside this abomination and the overall look shows that the materials were in place to make something much better than what hit the screen. In the end, there really is nothing here that would make this film worth watching. In fact, I already regret sitting through it.


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