Boggy Creek Monster (2016)

One of the great things about attending events such as the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure is the knowledge you can gain on different facets of the unexplained. At these outings, not only are there great speakers on these different subjects; there are usually some interesting documentaries that can be watched. One such documentary is the 2016 film, Boggy Creek Monster.

Plot/ The third Small Town Monsters film dives into the long history of sightings of the legendary Fouke Monster spotlighted in the classic horror film, the Legend of Boggy Creek. Boggy Creek Monster shows the decades-long search for an unknown creature said to exist in the swamps and forests around the tiny town of Fouke Arkansas.

The Legend of Boggy Creek in many ways started me down the path that I am on today. When I saw that movie as a kid, it not only spawned my love of horror films, it got me interested in the strange creatures that exist in the dark corners of out society. This documentary does a great job at taking a modern look at the incident that inspired that film and the creature that many believe still walks the back wood of Fouke. Written and directed by Seth Breedlove, this documentary offers a unique look at the area, including interviews and updates on some of the people who experienced the ordeal decades ago. While this may not be a perfect documentary, the technical aspects of the film are top-notch. Between the editing, narration, sound, and the visuals, everything is there that a person could ask for. Unfortunately, with a roughly 70-minute run time, the amount of information explored was a touch scattered within the documentary with short interview segments and the history of Fouke and the movie, there was really nothing new or groundbreaking in the film. In the end, this documentary does do a great job at revisiting the cult classic The Legend of Boggy Creek and would be a great introduction documentary into the movie and the legend. I definitely recommend it.


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