The Alligator People (1959)

After spending the weekend dealing with rain and heat at a USSSA Memorial Day Super NIT softball tournament, I needed some down time today to recover (and I didn’t even play). Having some time before heading out to grab the kids, I decided to kick back and watch something different. I decided on the 1958 creature feature The Alligator People.

Plot/ A woman in a hypnotic state recounts to two doctors the details of a horrific experience from her past life that began with the mysterious and sudden disappearance of her husband.

After talking with my youngest brother earlier today, I was in the mood for a classic 1950s creature feature and I settled on this one. I am glad that I did because what I found was much more entertaining than I expected. Complete with a solid cast including Beverly Garland and Lon Chaney, this film offered an interesting storyline, inspiring cinematography, and some decent effects for the era and budget. I definitely looked like a film that would have been done on a larger scale. Yes, there are some rough moments and some of the performances are uneven, but honestly, that is part of the charm with the classic no-budget creature features of that period. In the end, if you are looking to pass 75 minutes, this is a great choice; it is one of the better 1950s Creature Features out there.


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