Another Look at Hollow Earth

The world is a crazy place, and just one look around will show that science and history are at a crossroad. Many of the scientific or historic items that were once embraced as fact are now slowly being proven to be myths. Water on Mars and the potential that life once existed on the famed red planet are just a couple of items that have made headline news in the past few years (NASA, n.d.). What about here on Earth, do similar hypothesis exist? Absolutely, and one such concept is the potential of life existing inside the planet, or something known as Hollow Earth theory.

For years, skeptics around the world have dismissed this theory as insanity or impossible. After all, geologists study the structural make-up of the planet and have for hundreds of years, and no definitive proof has been discovered to back up this theory.  However, the same thing could have been said about water on Mars until NASA made their announcement in September (Chang, 2015). This discovery definitely changed history, and in many ways, opened the door for more exploration of our own planet and the solar system in search of life.

Why does Hollow Earth sound familiar?

While many in society have probably heard of this theory inside some of the epic science fiction tales crafted by authors such as Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and even Edgar Allen Poe. What most people do not realize is that Hollow Earth theory has actually been debated and researched for generations (Storr, 2014). One look at ancient history will show that there are many accounts recorded on stone tablets from the earliest cultures depicting strange creatures that live inside the Earth. These accounts are not just discussed by historians, scholars such as Plato, Edmond Halley, and Leonard Euler all made suggestions on the possibility that the Earth could be hollow.

Even scientists in this modern era debate topics exactly like this one. Honestly, what do we really know about the planet or Solar System? Most of the facts that are written about in textbooks are theoretical at best, and when challenged, some seem to fall flat. In 2015 alone, multiple laboratories broke long accepted laws of physics with their experiments (Moskowitz, 2015). When you couple those discoveries in physics with the discovery of water on Mars, it should not be a surprise to see that many modern scientists have theorized on the hollow nature of the Earth (Walia, 2013). Of course, like most of the discoveries made by ancient astronaut theorists, the majority of discoveries made outside of government agencies remain far from the mainstream news cycle.

Who is Admiral Byrd and what is in his diary?

No discussion of Hollow Earth theory could be complete without talking about renowned explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd; the first person credited for flying over the North Pole in 1926  (PBS, n.d.). While this was a great achievement, it was what Byrd reportedly wrote about in his diary after one of his explorations, and at times talked about in mostly dismissed interviews that plant the seed that he discovered more than just poles on his many expeditions (UFOman, 2014). Could this be true? Could he have discovered something inside the Earth? According to many, including ancient astronaut theorists, the answer is yes.

Inside his diary, there are claims of a great society full of strange and mysterious beings. In fact, it goes as far as saying that he saw many different creatures and vast technologies that we could only dream of ("Admiral Byrd Diary | Admiral Byrds diary," n.d.). With all of the unexplained ancient cultural achievements, would it be too much to consider that they received help from some type of advanced civilization? This type of thought cannot be easily dismissed when one looks at the ancient societies and their appreciation and reverence of the underworld.

Hitler, Hollow Earth, and the Mayan Calendar.

Hollow Earth theory may still seem like a stretch of the imagination, which would be a valid conclusion since no published map has an entrance outlined in bold. Yet, maps do exist that do show that these openings do exist. Many people have heard the stories about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party searching for mystical artifacts and occult items during World War 2. However, it was a quest for Hollow Earth that led the German soldiers and scientists to Antarctica during the war and actually creating a map of their discovery (Indigo Society, 2014). Incredibly, this map matches another, more famous, ancient artifact that most people across the globe have at least heard of.

If you compare the German map with the Mayan Calendar, you will see that they almost align perfectly ("Mayan long count," n.d.). Both have multiple openings to the underworld, with the primary openings sitting at the North and South Pole positions, as well as smaller openings that relate to locations such as Brazil, Mammoth Caves, Dero Caves, and the volcanoes in Italy, which are rumored to be openings into this underground region. While this may seem like a theoretical observation, the reality is that some of it would explain the cultural practices, historical artifacts, and God worship in the Mayan civilization (Guillermoprieto, 2013). This visual relationship should also be enough to lend more credibility to those who subscribe to ancient astronaut theory, as many of the historical sights discussed by these researchers sit in and around many of the ancient cultures that demonstrated a still unexplained technological output.

Why not go to the entrances of Hollow Earth to solve the mystery?

With a theory that many believe is crazy, one would think that there would be an easy way to prove the answer. Unfortunately, many obstacles stand in the way of researchers, especially when they attempt to take on some of the more logical questions of this theory. Exploring the major openings, specifically the large alleged entrances at the North and South Poles would be the most obvious. However, that is virtually impossible, with governmental controls and treaties in place to prevent civilian exploration of these areas (United Nations, n.d.). In fact, that United Nations Treaty is one of the only continent-based agreements that have been ratified by every major super-power.

The question that should come to mind is why? Why is it so hard to explore these major entrances and why is it virtually impossible for civilians to explore these regions? Those are great questions, with a simple theoretic answer. With almost every cave system on the continents connected in some way, it would be almost impossible to navigate them with any accuracy, and few if any maps exist to assist in that type of venture. Under the guise of the United Nations, governments prevent civilian exploration and limit access to the potential resources and technologies that have been rumored to exist in Hollow Earth.

More than that, unveiling the truth that a technologically advanced world survives in the depths of our planet could cause catastrophic ripples within major parts of society. Everything from history, to science, and religion could fall into the crosshairs of questioning, and a majority of what was taught throughout the centuries would have to be discounted. Not only would this cause turmoil in these areas, it could also potentially cause mass hysteria across the globe in a world that already has a lack of trust with the governments of the world.

Is it true; is the Earth Hollow?

With such diverse data existing inside the historical and scientific realms of study, it is hard to discount Hollow Earth theory as impossible or insanity. While there is not a ton of concrete evidence floating around for the world to digest on the topic, there is enough to make people wonder. Coupled with the way that it is constantly being proven that what society is being told is not necessarily the truth, and the way governments and organizations suppress knowledge and documents, the idea that the Earth is hollow definitely appears a valid theory, and a potential discovery that could change the world forever.


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