Devil's Playground (2010)

So, my little vacation from horror has come to an end, as I could not take regular television much longer. Tonight, I just had to find something with the blood, gore and violence that make the genre so great. My selection for the evening, the 2010 zombie-themed action flick Devil’s Playground.

Plot/ As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure.

This low budget British action / thriller / horror will not win any awards, but it is an entertaining romp through a zombie apocalypse. The make-up is solid, the pacing fast and fluid and there are enough zombies and their carnage to make it an enjoyable flick. Sure, with the low budget comes so-so acting, some poor dialogue and some moments that make little sense, but that is somewhat expected. In the end, this action filled zombie flick has an apocalyptic feel and should stand as a reminder of what is to come December 21st. No really, it is an entertaining flick that is worth a look.


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