Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist (2010)

This has been a long cold weekend. Yes, it has been nice spending time with the family, but between homework and some other work, I have moments where I need to take a break. Now refreshed, I decided to watch something different, a docudrama / documentary in the 2010 piece, The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist.

Plot/ This is the untold story of The Exorcist, a chronicle of true events based on the priest's secret diary the world was not to see.

I knew going into this one that it would be a polarizing entry for some viewers. No matter what the storyline is, to these viewers, documentaries cannot have any artistic flair. That is the case with this one, as it is more of a stylistic docudrama than pure documentary. This one has an interesting storyline, some interesting interviews, and some credible information that adds some depth to one of the greatest stories ever to be turned into a movie. Sure, some viewers will take offense to the artistic visual effects, the hard-hitting soundtrack and the edgy editing. In the end, I understand that the Booth Brothers are controversial names in the paranormal community because of their artistic interpretation of different locations and stories. To me, theirdocumentaries actually breathe some life into an over-saturated market. If you are a documentary purist, stay away. If not, give it a go, it is an interesting story.

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