Monday, November 3, 2014

Bloodworx (2012)

It is funny; these time changes are really a pain in the butt. I swear, I have struggled all day with the time change, and feel exhausted. Luckily, for me, it has been a relaxing evening watching Genesis in her first performance with the VFW Band, as they played a veterans ceremony at the local Masonic Lodge. As a veteran, it was a proud moment watching my extremely talented daughter play such patriotic music. Now I am home and jumping back into the blog with the 2012 flick Bloodworx (AKA Bloodwork).

Plot/ Best friends Greg and Rob, college roommates, decide to earn a little extra cash by participating in a two-week pharmaceutical test over the Christmas holidays. Locked into a remote hospital facility far out in the isolated countryside, they find themselves part of a bizarre series of tests and question whether they will survive.

It is amazing how many of these government experiment gone awry flicks come out and follow a detailed outline. Honestly, it is like listening to Democrats on Sunday talk shows. While that is again the case with this one (especially toward the end of the film), there are some interesting moments early on and lasting toward the middle of the film. This one is at least entertaining, with decent acting, and it does have a few spots of originality shine through prior to the cliché moments taking control. On a down side, the scripting is uneven and the predictable moments at the end make it impossible for the flick to reach its potential. In the end, more of a thriller than horror flick, this one is hard to place. Yes, there are some entertaining spots that make it worthwhile, but the cliché moments tend to bring it down. Do not run out and buy it, but if you catch it late on a Saturday evening, feel free to give it a shot.

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