The Chair (2007)

Every once in a while I take a chance on a movie because it continually shows up on my recommended list, and this was the case with my next review. Honestly, it seemed like this one was popping up everywhere for about two weeks. That movie is the 2007 independent flick The Chair.

Plot/ Danielle, a young psychology student, is trying to rebuild her life when she sublets a century-old Victorian house. Unknowingly, she awakens an evil specter lurking in the dark recesses of her new home.

When I picked this one out the other day, I was not sure what to expect. What I found was an interesting movie that was clearly something different than the typical low budget slasher or found footage flick that has become all the rage. Slowly paced, this one has some decent effects, solid acting, and sound cinematography that worked well within the confines of the minimal locations. Sure, there are some uneven spots and the storyline does seem to change midway, but those are small issues that really do not bring this one down. In the end, this is an intriguing supernatural thriller that was extremely entertaining. Yes, it is not for all horror fans, but if you enjoy intelligent supernatural thrillers, you should check it out.


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