Split Second (1992)

It was busy around my shop yesterday with 3 online sales on top of the two packages that I had to send out. Fortunately, I have the time to focus on that on days when that happens. So far today has been quieter, allowing me to start rebuilding the workshop after neglecting it during my transplant hiatus. Once I finished yesterday, I decided to dive into the world of Rutger Hauer with the 1992 flick Split Second.

Plot: In a flooded future London, Detective Harley Stone hunts a serial killer who murdered his partner, and has haunted him ever since. He soon discovers what he is hunting might not be human.

I love Rutger Hauer movies and it is still hard to fathom that he is no longer with us. Onereason that i have always enjoyed his films is that he always seems to enjoy the project he was working on. This movie again shows that side of him. While this is clearly a B-Movie and far from a classic like like Blade Runner, he played his character perfectly. This is a lower budget film that has definitely built a solid cult following with a dark gloomy post-apocalyptic atmosphere, an interesting storyline, and decent scripting. Sure, this one will never boast great effects, truly believable moments, or being a cinematic masterpiece. But, if you enjoy fun, low budget, not bad but misunderstood movies and can appreciate schlocky Sci-Fi, this movie is for you.



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