Alison's Birthday (1981)

If it wasn't bad enough that the last few days have been gray and dreary, today the temperature decided to plummet. What fun! It made my early trip to Walmart even more miserable. Honestly, it has made me again want to do nothing. Oh well, I guess it's time to catch up with one of yesterday's movies, 1981s Alison's Birthday.

Plot: On her 16th birthday, Alison Findlay and two of her friends make contact with a spirit, who warns Alison of impending doom on her 19th birthday.

I love movies about cults and rituals, and this one definitely falls under that genre. That was actually somewhat of a surprise after reading the advertised description. Shot in the early 80s during the famed round of Satanic Panic, this one fits in.the visual quality is not the best with a grainy appearance, but that does, probably unintentionally because of the age, assist with the atmosphere. The storyline is interesting, although a touch predictable, and the performances work really well. This also has some nice characterization elements that had shape the story. While this is more of a suspense movie instead of pure horror, it does work, especially the ending, which has to be one of the better endings I have seen in a while. Yes, the pacing was uneven and there were a lot of cliché moments, but this still a good watch and reminder from a time of Satanic paranoia. If you like that type of thing, check it out.


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