Horror in the High Desert (2021)

Monday's are usually a day that I try to get caught up on stuff from the weekend,  especially with shipping items from weekend sales and planning out listings for the week.  Yesterday was much of the same, except for the traffic early in the day.  When I finally settled down,  I decided to check out 2021s Horror in the High Desert. 

Plot: Friends and loved ones gather to recall the events leading to an experienced outdoor enthusiast's disappearance in northern Nevada.

I will admit,  when I saw this one I thought it was a documentary and didn't realize that it was a found footage/mockumentary. In fact,  it felt that way until the last segment of the movie.  Based on a true story,  the scripting and performances were extremities believable and did really well.  Sure the first hour was slow,  but the ending sequence definitely picked up the pace. Overall, this movie was a great example of low budget indie filmmaking complete with a believable atmosphere, an intriguing story, and great character development.  If you like found footage/mockumentary style movies, check this one out.


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