Destination Inner Space (1966)

I was pretty excited last night as I stood one of the Ringmaster's Originals, the line of prints I created to salvage old comic book art from randomly destroyed vintage comics.  To me, preserving this art is important and something that isn't that hard to accomplish. While debating with myself about what piece should be next,  I kicked back with a classic creature feature from the 1960s, Destination Inner Space. 

Plot: A group of scientists working in a deep-sea research station discovers a strange craft of extraterrestrial origin.

Let me start by saying that if you don't enjoy classic B-grade creature feature schlock, this one isn't for you.  If you do,  then you should get a kick out of this one.  Yes,  it has low-grade effects,  probably a lower budget,  and some (I'm sure) unintentional laughs,  but those things add to the campy feel of the entire film.   And, of course, that is all before I get to the overstuffed Sci-Fi bass that stands as one of the more unique aliens from that era of film.  In the end,  if you want to suspend belief and drift into a bygone era of fun mindless creature features, this one is definitely for you.  This has all the campy elements and much more.  


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