Monday, July 19, 2010

Kill Baby Kill (1966)

Now that I have finished the Gorehouse Greats Collection it is time for me to move on to my next collection of films, Cult Horror Collection. The first flick I chose was the 1966 Mario Bava gem Kill Baby Kill.

Plot / Dr. Eswai is called by Inspector Kruger to a small village to perform an autopsy on a woman who has died under suspicious circumstances. Despite help from Ruth, the village witch, Kruger is killed and it is revealed that the ghost of Melissa, a young girl who, fed by the hatred of her grieving mother, Baroness Graps, exacts her revenge on them, has killed the dead woman, as well as other villagers. Dr. Eswai, along with Monica, a local nurse, is lured into a fateful confrontation at the Villa Graps.

This is a true classic of the era, breathing a great Gothic atmosphere full of chills and mystery. This movie is an awesome example of how a great script with the perfect set can leave a lasting impression on ones mind with the right director at the helm. Combine the eerie textures with a great score that accentuates the visual flair, and quite a tense mood is set. The plot is a bit odd, but interesting and the acting was not the greatest, however, the special effects and make-up are some of the best examples of the decade. If the movie has a major drawback, it is the ending, which seemed a bit too easy and scripted. In the end, this movie was a great way to start a new collection and a perfect film for a stormy night! I highly recommend it to any horror fan!

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