Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Look in the Basement (1973)

After a rough day on the fishing charter it was nice to settle back into my comfort zone. Time to continue  with Cult Horror Collection. Tonight’s entry is Don’t Look in the Basement (AKA The Forgotten from 1973).

Plot / Dr. Stephens runs a secluded sanitarium with a small group of mental patients, one of whom uses the ax that was supposed to be for therapeutic wood-chopping to cut down Dr. Stephens. Now, Dr. Masters is running the asylum alone with her brand-new nurse, who does her best to befriend the eclectic group of patients. The pretty young nurse was eager to work with the forward-thinking Dr. Stephens, but finds his successor to be less than welcoming and the hospital to be less than wholesome.

As many of you know, these sets are very hit and miss. I was happy to see that I could watch this as a follow-up to the last movie of the set that I reviewed (Kill Baby Kill). This is actually a pretty good flick that suffered with what must have been a sub-minimal budget. Everything else, while not top notch it is done rather well. The script is solid, the acting decent and the direction is good. Even the story offers some twists to go along with some gore and suspense. Overall, it was enjoyable and a movie that I recommend.

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