Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nightmare in Wax (1969)

One movie down and one flick to go to meet my goal of completing the Gorehouse Greats Collection this weekend. My first selection was the 1969 Cameron Mitchell entry Nightmare in Wax.

Plot/ A former film special effects engineer who is disfigured by Max, a rival for the affections of a woman. Leaving the film industry, Vince opens a wax museum just as popular stars of the screen start to go missing. Those selfsame stars soon feature as wax models in the museum.

This was a fun film, not great or even relatively good, but fun. Cameron Mitchell does a great job in this one, possibly his better performances (especially when hamming it up with his creations). The rest of the acting is mediocre, which makes the scripts flaws even more evident. The scenery, the idea of creating live zombified figures and the wax figures of the Hollywood greats are done really well, but that is about where the good parts of the movie end. In all, an ok film that had its moments, while it is not for everyone, one could do far worse than spending 90 minutes with this flick.

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