Monday, October 21, 2013

An American Ghost Story (2012)

As I have said many times over this past month, I love Halloween and the creepiness that goes along with this season. What makes it even better is the fact that there is always some good cinema available. One thing that is even better is the fact that there is a ton of no-budget horror or supernatural related flicks that pop up. My next selection is one of those, the 2012 no-budget indie flick An American Ghost Story.

Plot/ When Paul, an unemployed writer, decides to rent and live in a house that's rumored to be haunted, he puts his life and his relationships in grave danger as he obsessively attempts to get the story that will finally make his career.

Also known as Revenant, the no-budget indie flick was much better than some films of equal budgets and had an interesting storyline. Yes, it did suffer from some of the normal flaws, with a lack of characterization, poor dialogue, major plot holes and some off pacing (OK slow pacing), but those are expected. The performances were not bad, the soundscape was solid and it was a good idea. Sure, some of the execution was off, but that same flaw can be pointed out on films with huge budgets. In the end, this one is not for everyone as there is no gore and the haunting is somewhat tame, but it is worth watching on a dark dreary night with all the lights out. More importantly, no-budget filmmakers need support and we should be all help any way we can. 

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