Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven Below (2012)

With Halloween just two days away, I decided to kick back and relax and see what I could find on Netflix. There are some flicks that I have passed over in the past, but could slide in this week. Before I get to my review for 7 Below, I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of former Velvet Underground front man, and punk poet Lou Reed. Reed was an inspiration for me, and his CD, The Raven, is a perfect soundtrack for Halloween. Here is a sample.

Plot/ a group of strangers are trapped in a time warp house where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior.

Now I know why I had bypassed this flick for so long. This one was not really worth the time I invested in watching it. A thriller, this one suffers from some head scratching flaws. From poor scripting and dialogue, to terrible sound quality, to uneven performances, this one scuttles the small creativeness allowed for in the storyline before it can get started. More importantly, as a ghost story, it truly falls flat and produces nothing more than a slowly paced and boring thriller. If you are reading this stay away… Stay far away.

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