Thursday, October 31, 2013

House of Voices (2004)

I would like to wish a Happy Halloween to all of my readers, friends and family out there in the world. It is hard to imagine that three years ago, I went through my retirement ceremony from the Navy. Today, I went through another fun evening of Trick or Treating with three of my daughters. 

Markie, Jillian, and Jolene

While that was fun, it was another dreary Halloween, the second one in a row. To finish my viewing list from the past week, I decided to write-up House of Voices from 2004, although I should likely pass. 

Plot/ A young servant, Anna, arrives in Saint Ange Orphanage to work with Helena while the orphans moved to new families. Anna, who is secretly pregnant, meets the last orphan, Judith, left behind because of her mental problems; together they investigate trying to disclose the secret about the invisible children.

I guess I get what I deserve when I try to find an alternative to mainstream paranormal themed movies. This one was definitely the wrong choice for me. House of Voices (AKA Saint Ange) could have been something interesting, unfortunately, it went awry. Filled with cliché, uneven acting, miserable scripting and a lack of atmosphere, there was not much to enjoy. Sure it has a decent soundtrack, but even that did nothing to add scares or creepiness. In the end, I was extremely disappointed in this flick and should have gone a different direction. Unless you are absolutely out of options, stay away!

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