Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vampire Whores From Outer Space (2005)

Now that my time as a narrator has come to an end, maybe I can get back to writing or watching some interesting flicks. Now, what I would love would be to find someone that is interested in making a no-budget horror flick and offering a script. One can only hope. Now, next up on my review agenda is another horror comedy, the 2005 no-budget flick Vampire Whores From Outer Space.

Plot/ When their spaceship makes a crash-landing, the vampire whores from outer space begin sucking a small town dry in more ways than one. It's up to a pair of high-school sweethearts, back-alley abortionists, and the inept local law enforcement to stop them.

When I saw this on Screambox, I had to watch it and I am glad that I did. Yes, technically, there is nothing to write home about in this movie, as it suffers from every problem that plagues no-budget indie cinema, but it is entertaining and funny. A mash-up of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy, this one is far from perfect with uneven to bad acting, poor dialogue, cheesy effects and some just weird moments. However, these flaws are just part of the charm and draw to the movie, as everyone embraced these flaws within the cheesiness and built upon them. Not for everyone, this cheesefest is entertaining and should be enjoyed by fans on no-budget cinema.    

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