Sunday, October 13, 2013

Horror Fans Should Check Out Screambox

With this being my favorite time of the year, I am always searching for new ways to satisfy my craving for horror. Whether it is venturing into my mind and writing something, reading something from one of the literary masters or finding the dark flick that makes me think. Of course, part of that is the fact that I am still trying to find that story or movie that will scare me, something that has driven me since my youth in the 1970s. 

Growing up in that era, it was nothing to head to the drive-in for some combination of slasher or creature feature, to make the summer evenings complete. Now in the new era of streaming videos and the availability of camera's; new movies are everywhere, horror fans just ahve to find them. That is one reason I was excited to find Screambox on YouTube. While I do have a ton of pay channels on Direct TV, have a membership to Family Video and am a subscriber to Netflix, I always love finding outlets for movies. 

Screambox is a pay site ($2.99 a month), but it does offer a tremendous selection of flicks, uncut to subscribers. More importantly for me, there is a wide variety of material to choose from. As a parent, I am always on the go, and this could be awesome on my smartphone. More importantly, I will now have access all the time (like tomorrow waiting for the 10 minute band concert). 

While I am not one that usually talks about the outlets where I find many flicks, it is awesome to see channels like this start popping up. Everyday, the video stores are dying and the cable stations play the same agenda driven Hollywood sludge. As a fan of indie cinema, especially the low budget kind, it is channels like this that can help get those flicks into view. Who knows, maybe it will drive me to write more... Check this channel out! 

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