Wednesday, October 23, 2013


As I stare off into the unknown, my perceptions waver
Until your beauty appears before me
Haunting my dismal view of the world
Tempting me with fantasies of your warm depths
Complicating my reality

There are times I can feel you near
Your gentle hands caressing my emptiness
Your soft voice breaking the silence of my thoughts
Alone I wake to face another day
Longing evermore for you

The embers of your passion come to life in my heart
Scorching forbidden desires into my soul
In my mind I can picture the ecstasy
The pleasures of our flesh as we touch
The fulfillment of everything ever unspoken between us

This sacred bond we share keeps me true
Alive to face the unsettling despair of loneliness
Wandering the damp corridors of darkness
Imagining my view from your thighs
Longing evermore for you

There are times that I stare off into the horizon
Dissecting the white patchwork splendor
All for just a glimpse of your unmatched pale beauty
For a moment, my reverie overtook reality
For a brief second you were near

There are times I stare off into the horizon
Dissecting the mysterious shadows
All for just a glance at your ravenous womb
For a moment the conduit was clear
Longing evermore for you

Your eyes entice me
Urging me to take control
To finally grasp what I yearn for
Now and forever holding your heart in my palm
Yet, one for eternity may never be enough

Your hands caress my every move
Easing into my dreams, harnessing all that I am
Finally our path is clear, our destiny in tune
One for eternity
Longing evermore 

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