Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Returned (2013)

As my sickness took hold this week, I could not believe the amount of movies that I had not had a chance to review prior to falling ill. During this vacation from the institute, I decided to venture into a few different genres in my viewing, as well as some more of my favorite no-budget indie entries. This next review is on a an interesting zombie flick from 2013, The Returned.

Plot/ In a world where a deadly zombie virus has infected some of the population, a single cure has been found. The cure, a treatment which stays the effects of the virus in its host. With injections every 36 hours, the Returned are able to live as though they were never bit, despite the virus still coursing through their veins. When it is discovered that the protein stock is running low, chaos hits the streets.

I am a huge fan of zombie films, but can honestly say that the market has become over-saturated and I have been shying away from them. This movie was different, as from the outset; it did not appear to fit inside the recent zombie trends. In fact, it definitely offered a somewhat new approach to the popular genre. This one is an entertaining thriller, with a solid storyline, outstanding cinematography, a dreary atmosphere, and some originality. Yes, the acting was average and there was not a lot of blood, guts, or violence, but that was fine for a change of pace. In the end, this was an entertaining trip into zombie lore and refreshing storyline. Sure, some will be turned off by the lack of blood and gore, but if you enjoy thought out thrillers, you should enjoy it. Give it a shot!

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